PURC’s Magical Treatment Hair Mask 

This beauty elixir gives your hair added softness for a silky result.

Perfectly smooth hair with dazzling shine, avoiding hair-burning straighteners, and chemicals that attack the scalp, thanks to the Hair Mask from PURC, it is now possible!

It contains excellent ingredients like keratin, argan oil and plant extracts that will soften your hair texture and add volume to your hair. Keratin acts by smoothing out your overlapping hair cells and preventing static buildup.

Argan oil and plant extracts moisturize your scalp and keep your hair hydrated.

Deeply repairs hair with the advanced secret formula we have developed plant-based extracts, keratin, and argan oil.

Our formula is suitable for all hair types and hairstyles. It is the ideal solution for healthy, shiny, tame, and soft to the touch hair.

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